PREVIOUS NEXT FIRST He took the hunger-cutting scythe casually...
Le Brun's Chancellor Seguier
He took the hunger-cutting scythe casually
& gnawed at the growing wheat: It was definite-

ly Alexander who was marching past the trees.

Sitting nearby, Shakespeare wrote sweetest lines--

Beethoven listened to the musics of the birds
not far. While Galileo, ever so calmly, looked
on the stars--Herodotus counted the endless wars/

He dropped th'scythe out of his hand
and looked over his field

at the wheat going up in flames! AND
dared to think: Should he get angry?

--But, with who? --God, maybe?

No, no: Not worth it (not while Mozart
played on that clavelin with all his art 58).

Seurat's View of Fort Samson, Grandcamp

^{58} "heart" in original draft@