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Bosch's Death And The Miser
As I was walking down the street
(by my lonely) a blind, deaf wino did I meet

dumb & sober & damn! (he lunged! to try to kiss my feet):
I said: "You crippled beggar," & [spit]

"If you're blind, stupid, armless & with no taste at all,
how could you know (else see) far off enough to find

alas, in me!--a brother in mankind?" Such gall!

And he (growling a stomach-full of hadn't dined
in ages & piously longing for a Soul he could hock)

told me: "True I never could have felt,"
lacking all human touch, "Seen or heard you coming, O

sweetheart Sir, so as to have knelt
at your feet (had I knees) for a buck
(if you could spare it)," adding he was also a mute

& tearing off his hair in a vain attempt to
entertain me, fingerless, he said: "But I smelt!!" ...

noseless he sang me, tongueless, headless, playing his lute
handless, useless ( so useless! )
... Sheer versatility seldom impresses me: "Good luck!!!!

My friend, but" I told the poor laughingstock:
I only invest in The Absolute!
--Sorry!" & gave'im the boot.