PREVIOUS NEXT FIRST Cape, our blindness, sits...

... Capital Punishment in hot-blood
is justified, but cold-blooded
Capital Punishment is just murder.

Daumier's The Uprising
Cape, our blindness, sits
under the Convent
Tree hiding Mortality

Pain's puny deaths
under her unmoving death,

Love's one universal
slate of improbables

amidst famines & flames
(souvenirs of th'extinct)

positive possession the
negative abnegation
judgments for recompense
the undisciplined advantages
like hapless grins
put upon Truth
nevertheless, we

wires all around our marvels
pricked by the Rose's rough-
mannered winged impulses

oozing cold slabs of Intellect
amongst th'primeval splendors' warmths

can quite readily appreciate
the shape of Truth (through
our blindness     

  ... Cape) the
covenant neath which it keeps
like some dung heap
against th'harvests of overtaken wonders

by the sheer poverty of
(the) cape's shapes
indistinct under th'shroud
of th'shade, like shuffling oceans
made & unmade        

     ... an addling middle
arrayed a human Justice which can be
so extremely disgusting--All
the excesses of The Revolution (whichever)

made just: The killing of Princes (whom-
ever) is just... The executions of
the Czar & his whole family, of Louis,
his wife & all their cronies, of
the gentleman Charles... were just.

The leveling of The Mighty by
the Meek, is just, and then (how just!):
the leveling of those
once the meek.

Velazquez's Waterseller of Seville