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Pollock's Shimmering Substance
Across the landscape
are falling flakes like sinless priests
galaxy to galaxy
the great minds pawn their treasures cunningly
upon bittersweet, Rock upon Rock

flower upon flower
they stack their Fairness
floating upon the surface on surface
of the lake of Oneness, planet to planet

star to star the great minds take
all & all & Th'Good gets lost
with them, age to age

uncountenanced Size to Size
our hearts pettily succeed from th'basest
evils dryly up to Good
from property to greed, from the least
munificence to gratitude (the shy brows peering
into the mystery of the eyes not eyes

--speechless even from Size to Size):
like a balloon continually deflated
& upblown! our hearts succeed
Rock upon Rock down to the dust
of Pride: Love is th'sleeves
of the naked angels
--because, "Do you
know what Life's Dream is about?"

th'great minds ponder
their debts (unravelling
emptily) upon Rock upon, "Our
daily cup," Size upon Size

some yet small minds measure
the least bit of Happiness they can grasp
second to second, pinch to pinch

while Winter, level on level
great as it is, candidly against the candid,
great as it is wise & bright:

Winter never elaborates on white on white
on white on white on white...