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Matisse's Joy of Life
it was when World was
before what it was (after
that) thinking

sought strength
in th'thickening motions of
creation nosing itself
way to Th'Top O
twilights briefly traveling

up to beauty or flying
the frank, down freak

(collided with the coolest
caution) carried itself
to summits of moment
or monument
manner to matter

& its reverse (photographed
figure-ground frowns in the air followed
the verse) brooding over O
the fallen redolent all-

breathing breadth of
Rose: Spring blue (sounds soft
folded into smiles) as if
turning off twilights were turning
to light          

     --It turns out
that the trouble of bursting Tradition
explodes all our Ways

& we wonder O where
weighed down by wakefulness

will we go? --That! is the question:
No: WHAT is the question

No!... What is the ANSWER
THAT is the question--No?

... WHAT is the point? ... Why,
... to a stark spark! till

Robes of another yet different brilliance blends
& delights: too much, then
we'll denude ourselves

trying to tear apart everybody else

and dally-dance        
       over the fields

like fools! 71

^{71} Contrast the scientific theory that 'space' is itself expanding (into oatmeal, probably) against the theological theory that the universe is a fart (granted, a great big godly fart, but a fart nevertheless). Proofs? Scientist: Is not the fact that we're pretty much all a bunch of lumps proof enough? Theologian: We don't need any proofs --The 'Bible' sez, 'proofs stink up to the nostrils of Faith!' (I should think.)@