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On A Candle
Chardin's Lean Diet
Prithee, so graceful is the candle's Light
my drowsy eyes can't help th'Sight

brought from whereto Vision went

to that soft-glowing maudlin
sent my Credence

and I cower as in fear
how this small flower

flickering here so near

so near might be
in Reality
Th'Extremest Admonition
of hell's enmity


When I first lit her quiet tip
the Thought of ever seeing her die

was unacceptable to me
(so far away it was)

I let it go (pass by, numb), lucidly
thus Life there lingering

A temperate Flow

th'warm light of Insight for
the blind drop of Youth

drop after drop
of marbled Pliable & unlambent Sea

by the loss of such Small drop

O insignificantly tiny Fall

Now & Again

& although All's euphonious
under the Harmony
which underlies a such slow loss
so sensingly
I seem to feel Th'Ephemeral Hour
of this wax tower
is shorter than its toss

of flaming Erudition
sent with unspeakable cool Powers

hypocritically offering
Gains to a Loss

who, lost
about the self-consuming
texture of the crumbling

Structure's overcome
with startling Awe

To Know the best of all World's laws:

that it's thousands of times better to be able
(even if one can't forget) to forgive!




than to too easily forget
while to forgive never able

Another, yet so small the opiate amount
th'merciless/inexorable count

seemed Nothing

--Seemed but
to burst th'worst of The Laws laid down
with a sound of laughing

--Still, gazing on
that Phantasmagorial Fortune

(which for such illusive While
aimless, drifts
in This ocean of silent sounds)

(never forgiving th'Mark)
never does Kronos forget
to keep track of his rate,

And as I planned on future ways
to ply The Everlasting days

I chanced to open up my eyes
all of Too Late & so unwise

in time to watch with fright
my Quick Spark
faded to th'Dark