PREVIOUS NEXT FIRST A record of the stormy Strains of Rage...
Paul Klee's Hyway & Byways
A record of the stormy Strains of Rage
Night vests over the Movements of th'earth
(when left alone to her figured Rampage)
comes into light at Morning's birth:

Then the singular Warmth takes Cold away
under its manifest Stark Eye of disarray:

Stout, fit Actions of life's congruent overtures
total to total take hold of Meaning (being) th'firefly
that silently shoulders most magic florid whirs

conducting us total to total across precise recitals
of music-like clear transitions        

         blooming like lightning Whys
Th'Stanced Horizon (stunned) singing heart-breakingly

Sun's equilibrious Forgiving (all), total to total
over th'silent wants all-wet below: sucking dry
total to total the Darkness' full part (& All) the calm star-
musician Hosts of Heaven which so perform
their brilliant compositions! stars to stars