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Cropsey's Castle By A Lake
Where the Sunfalls
Th'Clearing in those Woods draws our
attention to th'mystic grass that there enjoys

th'short, scorching, cordial Fires
of heavily spotlighted Solitude

& it's remarkable

( th'unquiet Mind ) there wondering how
th'noisy Pressures of The Badgerings outside

fail to shatter the--for once--true
silent Self-aimed ear (closed to Th'Cosmic)
with their so sharp bewilderment)

--True that all Th'Noises of Uncounted things
(countless) impart their singular Din between the

disciplined Brain (& Chaos'
Wind sweeps through one's Voice)

yet O this unique sound!
where th'Sunfalls all at once

Silence the many-wondrous
& so warm gown (of Instincts one/with/themselves)

allaying all Th'Coldest fears
of Sense & it's remarkable how warm
Soul is--there--where the Sunfalls