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Cezanne's Bibemus: Le Rocher Rouge
Along a chary road, alone
a toad upon his impulse rode
convulsing with chiffon Song

--A ragged & rancid
raccoon turned ears away
& yet too soon
a lovely dove flew off
newly fallen in love--

The toad ignored their apathy
collectively in no one's company
& hummed his Song along
alone, to all th'throngs,
mortalities, to all the plain &
vacant passing qualities

& solitarily he sung
of Death's distress,
of emptiness,
of disbelief,
a melody too great for merely grief
about a pile of dung

He sung
something the day along, alone,
of dulcet Times begone,
of Babylon, of dreams,
of tears, of fears
& smiles & passing years

When O along that chary road
the marsh-grass begged
(obbligato) from th'morass
to staccato breezes' running tongues
along melodies sung

O, all along!

Winds waltzing, whistling,
marshtrees & mute
bushes munching & Thus
(momentarily) Life held!
with harmony hoping along
--When then men's words
were heard
like lightning bolts descended--

And before any & all
was comprehended: sung
a toad of Babylon, of dreams,
of tears, of fears & smiles
& passing years, alone
along a chary road

Kiefer's March Heath