PREVIOUS NEXT FIRST Withered brownstone fringe...
Hopper's Early Sunday Morning
Withered brownstone fringe
adorns th'dirty peepholes
of the pastoral city alley
covered optionally
either in faded/lazy grays
or vibrant/vivid riots O

Alike, Judas & Dejaneira
in the interjangle of their being
jape in the jaundice jar the genuine wherewithal
of Puritanic panic-emitting Morals counterfeit

& pull in their cynical clothes-line gamut
of trinket Hopes in the sinews of Guilt

O, the stink!... Whose is the carrion
upon the land? vegetarian (like fungus), nectarean
of tissues so young (octogenarian): Your
teeth are falling,

O Pirate!

                      and are picked up
by worms crawling across Silence --Your knell
is tolling, tolling!

The gallows are calling,
calling ... Chirrup gently, eager Falcon,
O you piratebird, who from your dais


a careless cigarette
contaminating the Sunset's sweat,
your adolescent vividity


across th'quaint culpidity 130


through your veins shoots! and


Rigidity! Insipidity! Putridity! ...

^{129} "Paredon! Paredon!" Literally: "The wall! The wall!" cried the people goading Fidel Castro into shooting the criminals of the previous regime --I use it because, ironically, it's so near a sound the angels will hymn at God: "Pardon! Pardon!" (rather than for any specific political implications).@

^{130} var. 'culpability'@