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van Gogh's Trees in The Asylum Garden
The faults & flaws of Earth's mortality
make themselves evident from all the great
accumulations which acclaimed Winter the late
Stance of Denial
under its mighty
unavailability so coldly spread
over Th'Breadth unchecked Th'Fall had bled

& yet so sooner does this Anodyne of Nature
take carefulest pillow ( spreading down curls
from its hairy skies )

        ... than something much more pure
& hallow than elegant Ornament with vehemence hurls
huge open wounds

of Soul-bloodied

                        Spring immaculate
again over the Winter main, and

                --It is Youth!...
besmirching over the peaceful, overspread cool sod
of Th'Lawn Perfection

with its human, Summery Truth