PREVIOUS NEXT FIRST Successful Impregnation sits...
Bouguereau's Virgin With Angels
Successful Impregnation sits
inside its Blessing

tinkering with its tinsel-plated platitudes
Nothing used to be Good
--now Nothing is bad.
Evil is a diversion / Purpose is the only Fad.

trying to remove Th'Brilliant paint
from its blind side (of The Hourglass)

sucking up a green thumb for false hopes
O to be & what to be! doctor? lawyer?...
doctor? (again), brewing coffee &

trying to learn what-ever
ancient prophecies have been laid down
about Itself-- O,

Summer is a long return, waiting,

trying to imagine You can see
beyond th'little bit'o flesh, th'whole Soul,
th'still perpetually shut-down eyelids--

O, Autumn is one long, longer return,
crying out: " O let me beat

Th'Sunshine on my shoulders!..."
over the white sands of the eternally immaculate

--"Bitch!" is                       

the Winter,      

what a long return!...         

       Can he keep God
alive in his memory? to describe Him
to The World?...

["Forget it: People WANT to be
mystified --The Last Thing in this world
people want is a chart to God's warts!"]

At last, at last: Th'breathing Spring!

bathing all being in Life's irregular waves,
curtains, furnitures, appliances & all

... th'Refuse [Chaos] waisting [sic]
down Th'Hourglass: towards

One Dull Spark! like a dust-speck
beside its Blessing, like a new star
(trying to nova --at the breast)
at rest upon The Very Dark
Edge of Th'Dwindling (world)

trying to inflame everything

... What should he get into?
A recent survey revealed that
clients of doctors are less likely (than, say
clients of lawyers) to find them appealing

... "Toby or not Toby?"
That is The Question!
["But, tell me,
at last

  what YOU want, my lad!
What do You want?"] I want

--I have always wanted... thank you
(very much) for asking --I want:

That Much

and no mucher.[sic]
da Vinci's Womb