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Cassatt's Margot In Blue
The blue babies seek Eden

among the stalks, th'bones,
all the collapsing columns
of all that matters
& devaluing bases of life

along th'wayworn roads
of sands cluttered with stones

(the vacant, unexpected eyes
staring as they crawl
slowly Th'Walks to th'humming shadows
herding the air
the dead wind that intones

like clocks: their progress

The curtains!... the ever-
breaking banks that keep back
the seasons always
& the Un-guessed-at
God brooding
in His not-yet being (discovered

& worshipped & vowing Vengeance
upon the uncorking)              
eyelids draw down th'careless substance
--so fragile!     
of th'precious eyes--hidden there
like warmed-over snow-ploughs
silvering Th'Dull with childhoods,

at the Dawn
smilings (implied in the perilous
rituals of Th'Past)
promises like rubies

amongst th'rot of blood
slowly congealing (th'muttering muds)
of the World we are waiting out
while it dries
into th'well-cultivated Earth

allowing the blue babies to hide
instead of Th'Maybes

(behind The Darkness)
that's feeding them

in places of Perhaps
fashioning Th'Vividness
that bathes & dries

& washes off with the next lies.