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Kiefer's Margarete
Hoarfrosts in the strangest shapes

      cram Th'Empty woods

forming, some th'faces of lonely brutish apes
(not British, dear chap),

                 ... while others
whole monkeying multitudes down the fire-escapes

(imagine th'odours!), or filling a gap
by making themselves into a beard
(without a face to go with it),

or into some ticklish horn
put upon The Most Weird
& awkward place (such as a knee-cap,

or over a double/detonated popcorn), or

even more touchy: A two-eyed tit
staring into hoarfrost eternity...

or, gracefully     
fashioning a most deadly Fang
upon some frightened skinny mouse

... still others, with marvelous impiety
emboss a fat rhinoceros over a fiery cross,

a quite poetical moustache hang
on a louse, or      
with the most embarrassing impropriety

       stab at the matador

upon The Solitude            


      until The Cold concludes

O all across The Winter's wide-empty Woods
(frozen in eloquent slumbering attitudes)

hoarfrosts will fashion
their white meaningless dreams

(Mind-ashen) waiting to wake with passion
into Spring's choked-up streams.

Pollock's Full Fathom Five