PREVIOUS NEXT FIRST A famous frog...
Bosch's Earthly Paradise (detail, right wing)
A famous frog
who loved to talk to death all whom he met

a Monologue
extended to the flies he ate
with no regret

until one day
a clever fly engaged him in debate

making him stay
too long under the Sun to state
his points of sweat

And O the fly's sharp word
challenged his Text with cutting Irony!

brandishing that Conqueror Sword--Imagery!
and Image like Emperor/its troubadour

Rhyme!... and Simile (that old conspirator)

Style d'janitor--Analogy, like War!

The editor Syntax. Conciseness the matador.

Rhetoric (our primogenitor). Clarity: Executor!

O unholy Hyperbole & Analysis (the monitor),

Purity, that Inquisitor            

                               --That creditor
Taste!... Grammar                  

         The Dinosaur

(& what's more:                        
Contrast! Balance! Rhythm! that ancient Minotaur)
of Poetry! the best sound ever heard
yet by Th'World over which goes:

(that murderous meteor!)...

Th'frog's engird-
ing tongue lets go of fly's body

--& the next thing:

that scholar frog to his deserted Stone
is lecturing
still fine philosophies over The Starving