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MIAMI, 1969
Matisse's Two Girls In A Yellow And Red Interior
December is a moodless month

in Miami, the shackled weather almost
elapses in unenthused repose

past Th'Voids of Loss

& huffishly Th'Sunset ravages
with feather scimiters

Th'Stub of Day at its dullest

extreme--until the deluges
of The Cosmic quite

lift crisp Th'Twilight like Death
over Th'Upsurge of yellowest

birthing moon zigzagging clouds
of The Neverending

as th'pastille Night
lowers to vivid black

crystallization over the jumbled
hugeness of cottony unspecific

Dawn around The Edge of Things

specific, dumbfounded, and
yet as The Huckster Sound!

earthen, Life returns
ever into its doss

of dreams   


   & schemes.