PREVIOUS NEXT FIRST "Relativity-Jockeying.", Three there were, kin more or less...

Monet's Rouen Cathedral... Harmony In Blue & Gold
Three there were, kin more or less:
Wisdom & Pleasure & Happiness

"I'll take to Topmost," Wisdom said,
"That harder to reach me the longer't will be
to lose me (going down)," and reared its head

Then Pleasure said: "I'll keep The Bottom
that easier it be

to get to me, Spring, Autumn--

And easier too
to let me go, Prime, Fall...
(if things should overflow)" --And dropt withal.

"I," said Happiness: "Between you both will lie:

If under the light-years of Wisdom's skies
still greater a distance from Pleasure's eyes

(far from The Answer, but farther from Why)

So many will wisely pass me over therefore
on their way to Wisdom; whilst The Many others more

will never miss me (where they squirm
across the lowness of their Snug & Warm

plundering... after Droppings made heavier
by their wealth of earthen measure)

Though I not last long as Wisdom --I'll seem as fair;

though I not drop, fatal as Pleasure

no one will care--Who looks from there?..."