PREVIOUS NEXT FIRST Some moments manufacture Courage from their steps...
van der Goes's Portinari Altarpiece (central panel)
Some moments manufacture Courage from their steps.

Some ordinary seconds crush the kings of hours.

Some more adept Wanderers
conclude their adept into-All-Depths-Journeys

resting upon th'knee-deep Glory-flowers & liqueurs

or Harmony & heaping trill's petals
& et ceteras on their hair

... while some yet sound men of hushed caliber
may watch their slighter/slender plans of compromises

swept by th'benumbed air

consigning to some Quiet Grave their echoless history

O Courage's Th'Byword of our great & singular Duet
with Fate, and Resignation's but the same-pitched plot

of Eternity                    
             ... as Death:

Progress is th'ornamental note ( but after-thought )

unlocking th'mum nature of our closed, trackless Humanity

always awaiting Th'Thrust      
of her (some momentary & as yet unborn) composer

to rescue her!                   

   ... from Th'Anonymous Noonness

to Th'Cosmic Sunset's score of inexorable