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"Shakespearian Sonnet"
Klimt's Danae
I checked the so-called straight course
of The Flight, and found
a most subtle ellipse

hidden where eyes earthbound
such attitudes can't catch

& even more: disdain to chance
th'casual glance
that this might ascertain

My love, O do not make
your virtues
too apparent to my ken

(It being dark &
so little wise

Brilliance it would translate
to blush!

      ... Eyes it would shade
so shy & pained by so obvious Light)

With time enough yet
even for spectacles

eyes will most surely light on
th'True inclination of
your faultless turn

    --Then, love,
they'll really treasure all
of th'self-discovered Pleasure

that two-such can share

And you, my Love,
so straight & abiding a splendid course
will make unto my heart

as nothing can ever shake.