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Dirk Bouts's Fall of The Damned
What is normal?... Not all our Mind
so mildly, if any
's yet to find (Beauty growing
wildly--but against Th'Calm)

The lawyer gets in his car
to go to lunch:

The Steadiest Dwindling's
already way over th'crest
of nearest hills

       ... & Will
the farthest (arresting
that momentum of Descent)

If thou sees't a rhinoceros making love
to another rhinoceros:

that is normal,

the earthen Eye only sees awhile
towards ordinary masses
circumscribing Th'Peerless verdure
or encircling th'secluded sands
& beaches marching upon random palms
so patiently

           ... if you
happen to espy a chicken
engaging another chicken amorously:

that is normal,

the earthen Eye catches
th'little beauty of th'pettiest leaves
& gives it its considerable proportions
(prettiest) versus Th'Lofty

& The ugliest Magnitudes
of Th'Leviathan immersions



... Scorn grows his acres
where The Green was (killing his neighbor
for greenest grass), now,

but if you ever see a chicken
trying to fuck a hippo:

THAT is NOT normal

(or the guy selling tickets'd go broke)
... and you don't have to look it up
in the dictionary, either,

nor need you query any dried-up
old man of wisdom,
or have any doubts trouble your guts

--For you will know't
as The Legacy of Life itself,

         ... and yet
only The Highest Order of All Being
can follow (for any length

of eyes unmoved in th'drowning )

influences of irresolution
with their unending lives,

"Such is all Envy,

whose fallen trunk yet hooks
Th'Sturdiest (trees) with snarling looks

The Earthen eye notes
the indiscernible emotions
(of experience)
and gives them th'vent of Song!

and driving down the right lane
& stopping at the red lights,
going with th'green:

--that is normal,
settled too well into the lowness
of all being, this side of town

we can only hope to feel
the Time & Distance of Th'Loftiest
(hours settling down as well
The Other Side)              
                       ... of town,
where The earthen eye watches
the kinetic infiniteness

withering & dilapidating,
finally, into mere patience

--some madderfkr drives his car
drunkenly seven stories up the stairs
of the police building:

THAT is NOT normal

--And nobody but nobody has to ask...
Nobody has to tell you

or the lawyer wouldn't jump from his car
& just keep right on going for th'red hot

Franz Hals's Pieter van der Broecke