PREVIOUS NEXT FIRST THE SILKEN CANEWALK, from whichever End you turn...

van Gogh's Village Street and Stairs With Figures
from whichever End you turn
you will have to come back to The Other one

--Things are confined to That: Ah, but
provide yourself any quaint candycane excuse
you can (with which to walk by)
The Gods observing you

with great aplomb & grand determination
on your side; as if you knew
there was Some Aim, some Purpose awaiting you
at The Other End--the other side of
whence you came

                ... They'll
never know the difference, where they stand
(forever), never having trespassed either
End, & will undoubtedly think
(the jerks!) that with Such Determination: You
surely must be headed to your rightful End)

--The Gods will admire you, envy
you, as you go right by them to Your Own End, &

leaving them where they stand--There, right
in The Middle of nowhere

DIALOGUES OF THE GODS: In sentimental garlands
oftentimes her hair is dressed.

In passionate displays of Grace her breath
still bound O with Th'scents of limes
yet hanging from their boughs
in stressed bouquets.

O let us wrap our half-
airy domains with her warm & resilient

touch! Ah, but although I follow
you into th'scorn of saddest sacred things,
yet must we robe this freshness
of The Flesh with a much finer Love than the brief
& rending Spring's                        

                  --Are we the ones to shun
the deep attractive contemplation of her beauty's
Best, for our worst tenuity?

Is it The Utter Truth of her soft flowing
Flesh pains our immediate hard
affections' sensible
Imagination... &


^{201} cakewalk@

^{202} var. "tenuous"@