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Memling's Musician Angels (detail)
A genuine poet, who was a very truly nice fella

was, with his polka dot umbrella
waiting for his diamond-studded Bus

when he was picked up by (a) Canary fuzz203

(bread & water plus Solitary Confinement)

where he imaged up some air conditioning
(cold as Hell) for his cell & a starry ceiling

Well, when The Hour for his trial was THERE

The Judge asked his bailiff, "Where
's The Defendant!?"

  ... Who answered him: "Sir,
a very truly ODD story I'd caw't:

We tossed most heatedly that poet
into a very truly sultry cell where I am told

he was discovered this genuine Morning
KAPUT from a pneumonic cold!"

The Judge only gave him a warming

^{203} a yellow blur, as in "Yellow blur atop that banana tree..."@