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Gauguin's Paysannes Bretonnes
Irradiations Orange

O, Th'tributes of the fingertips!

flickering Ecstasy around

the brilliant belly

bend Body beyond

mongrels in a mess of flames

into Itself Th'fantastical Clash of All

Man's choices shattered into a shower of risks

The Sun! exiled by his very exhilaration,

impinging upon displacement

like a circle of gold rolling

nightmares with invisible wings

Th'Implied maxims O but self-mending irradiations

unwrinkling the orange lips: skies swallowing

the flower-stuffs of Th'World-fields

in the sleep like a mausoleum over them all

involved with midsummer's Dust-remonstrances

of things unique across sunbeams honey

of all Th'Radiance wet-green unfurling

Wings in the fissured fun shuffling Intent's

sparrows like buckshot drawn into Th'cosmic

Vision above Th'clouds of men of

Certainty! the conclusion of light

upon the outlines Sensuality (of midnight

like a comfort & improbable owls

standing firm, apart from each other, frozen
into some larger view) gathered into

a slow dew-droplet heavy with

Sun in its silver malignancies sensualities

suspended upon the stringent fog

Humanity! gobbling Th'vitamins of Paradise

(sorrows sans sentiment) collect too-

silently upon the cobwebs of so dry fields-

World like turkeys The Certainty, the Intellect's

strictly internal outlines molding the

outside World--God, that selfsame, grown great

stuffed with our most gracious gossips: takes

a hold of Time! with our desperate fingers

in Th'Dead 'o Night (orange) irradiations!

& forces Th'Dog, his mirror's opposite, to sit! in his

Confusion! of happiness, sadness, love, hatred &

hunger & fully watching his Moment

escaping'im!!!!! he howls).