PREVIOUS NEXT FIRST DRIFTY SWAN, Sweet orra Songs are heard...

da Vinci's Virgin & Child With St. Anne
Sweet orra Songs are heard
over the early eve
trailing th'absurd
transitions from Make Believe
--Peculiar euphony
sweet sounding! in th'fleece
of the Unearthly breeze

suggests: Th'Beckons of
dark Forest bowers--And so
life sets its eyes to rove
the Woods' tempting tableau
over which Hades micturated
Horizon! bated
Hypocrite Smile

in foliage Profile
shuddering despair
the Mind's configuration
just so much lineation

Deeds hanging on air!

Void human amenities
like waves breaking distantly
in the uneasy peace
of storms off in th'fartherest Sea

--Moon shining slightly then
lighting no further than
the most superficial ken
of our so social Plan.

Ameliorations wept
(within th'forlorn din
of darkness) for being kept
imprisoned there-in

& spans of forestry
where Shriek, Scream, Whistle, Yelp
and Squall!

begging itself for help!
while the... megalomaniatic
dwellers of the Night: Sung!
in their self-centered rhetoric Green-sick
drunkenly dissilient, young,
crystal leaves        
heard crumpling in the Dark Brown

--The insane Mind trying to cope
with the sad laughing clown
in The Wilds (the tears
of Laomedon drowning) drowned

the blind insects' mad cheers
shrilling around



rising O to Silence
then, as I run... in terror of, of me!
Could I face the Immense

& who can fathom the wild
origami Woodlands

that surround The Lost child
with such unnatural stands!?