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el Greco's Knight With His Hand On His Breast
Asbestos is the lizard's skin
who can (beneath th'bloom's
brightest) grow a whole new tale

wiggling feckless with Shock
& starkness, if he's consumed
at th'shadows' edge
in th'fevers' dark Realities
--of too acidic actualities--

Ah, but a delicate man's skin
gets so easily bruised, scorched

with any cool wind whispering his
mangled name among his neighbors
without Aim

like glare on th'gloat
that's busted in th'banter

freezing up his fragile warmth
in th'whispered monotone
down th'seamless conduits of
his eternal dripping, freezing
his shy Warmth

  with any th'least glance
that falls along his way by chance,
& bursts forth! against th'world emboldened
to a stone, wrapped-wrath in Rightness

... buckets of ancient sea water
where they walk, steps striding like lamps

th'footsteps of th'Light (anonymous
lamps) pouring our th'cryptic
Immediate reflecting

         beautiful in th'low
glow of their hideous pinnacles: Hell's
loathing Lover, Heaven's pucking cups
their cradles over th'old

red bricks of th'road in th'dried
-out passages of Life, coral foundations

of Tragedy disciplined almost to a shame
of sinking nations, of crowds
like a thatched roof, their houses cut

(up) th'dawn fog sliding down itself upon
itself by th'lazy forward motions of
th'waves crazy with expectation
into their quietening graves
There: th'sweet hats ornamented
with bowties, ribboned, glimmering &
sparkling salt-tides of fresh
waters that tantalize
with late evening th'early eyes
against th'many Sun-

imaginable spicy languages, of garliced
words upon th'canal banks: eroded or
bankrupt by th'gentlest hands of ocean-
less, desiccated sands lost in Proportion's never-
ending pavilions, Midnight's thinnest

heights, hinting foreverafter harshness
with momentary tenderness, bubbling
Valor's facing up to th'faces' irreconcilable
gloom irrecognizable (even as faces), laced
with th'quaint singing names embraced

by th'long established families
Tides--eternally--sadness at rest,
lingering Notions below the eyebrow-
cliffs, puzzling hieroglyphics: conquering
yet ever-bowing flames of

      houses soaked down
to so deep as to their bones-of-a-whim
bricks-skin of satisfactions
living ever-quiet old prayers th'still hands
embalming backwards & forwards th'feelings

calming glares on a gloat like ghost Th'Dawn's
yellowest scattered pieces of light old waves
like women out of love, splintered a thousand
doubts reflected over

         prows, walls, anchors, what-
nots, shingles, scows, stairs coming right
out of the leftover ocean, by roofs, windows,
ropes, poles & th'shadows of long dead wooden ships

hung from th'land through rotted shreds of
lines Once, Yesterday & th'other dreads, proofs,
symptoms, signs, symbols, &
standards, winds round th'sweet neck

locks all-wrecked, th'furious ants of
brilliance, of genial agelessness,

th'decay of general things, of tidings
of things specific--those which
bring clouds-slapping sails
around th'Dream

         that's rushing to
get into Dawn's drowsy clothes,
in a shower of cherubs: Today's boundless
birthings, Tomorrow's stark death (of
children who can almost recall
almost: their parents' last name, and
parents who can't quite fully distinguish
among their children's first

(names) careening down th'brinks of bluffs
athirst, their courtesies neatly framed
their veritable raspberries plays!
& funning cataracts!

   announcing to th'World
its (own) Wound in measures well-versed

wandering amongst departure's dandelions
dead! are th'buckets of ancient sea

waters, walking with their twinkling
torrents, either dancing to th'sweet

flutes of Success, or gasping & grasping
the Emptiness (by its stem), roaring over all

risks, Shadows their trusting thrust, that's
wintering th'Whatsoever, filling its now & then

wings with merits to th'extreme, filled
(up) with Will his wind, well-mannered

& manned a big bargain (barter)

in a little boat attempting to sail Doom's
unsuspected occasional eddies, stained

by the thought of a penny's, brink unto
brink like bricks

        --In th'horrid Grief
of the unforgiven... in their malted
rumping rages & raves, in their thunder & lightnings
storms of eternal stands

              but mariners
of th'diminute millenniums, but milliners
fell to a floating of bones on th'Whim

... in their self-made starving, th'Still-
ness' stuffing, busted a palpitant, un-
temperable, raging twinges--buckets

of ancient sea waters lapping with their sen-
sational principles wiping away their

slightest lives, scouring away with
their scorn: their clean lives, removing,

demolishing, those buckets of ancient
sea water's doing away waves

undoing, erasing, unmaking

all that matters.

If-y Sign

coffee tables with sugar
on it split lovely
th'shapeless effort

of dough under these th'baker's cheap
hands eternity massaging

slip! in tight bursting
bubbles! everything
unintelligible bursts pop!

& pop! th'corks
of the naked figurines

shuffling & shuffling the end
points of their cards Destinies

& the propagations of their shadows
beings-jumping like ants

(which by th'way
don't jump)

leading the effigies
stiff-faced or Wood Nymphs
washing th'clothes

(close-s) of th'oak folks

streams ancient
at home: O continuing streams
of consciousness passing & passing

in the silence
oxidizing th'breathing Ocean
(which doesn't

breathe, by
the way)