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Wm. Blake's Joseph of Arimathea Among The Rocks of Albion
Wisdom covers all with Rust

Love buried is (in Dust)

Then Summer shakes that men may know
Winter lies not so deep below

What Laughter loses in a fit of Truth
Wit's smile reveals behind a canine tooth

What Words!                               
we spoke              
                upon the quiet sward

Memory joined in One suspended Chord

whose diapason Th'Seasons bring
finally to Silence

--And it's deafening!

^{48} The mouth is opened by laughter, revealing our fangs, ironically enough. The "words" that hang over us may be the mere memories of what we were: To our ears they ARE so terribly momentous! In the previous stanza we see the seasons as existing only for the sake of man --and then we realize that such an idea is (only) but "words" (our own thoughts --silently outside ourselves): e.g. if the words escape us into the reality outside us, they mean nothing to the world 'the seasons bring to silence. ' [sic] My, my, a lot of uplifting statements here: "Life is not depressing, death is not depressing (especially if it is the crowning of a good life)" --If we find things outside ourselves to blame for our unhappiness, is it any wonder we can never seem to find happiness but in things outside ourselves? Depression is something in & of itself.

Even when I make mention of an occasional "canine;" and "what redundant words": "tooth!" -- "Finally" we do not hear of "rust" but of "wisdom" (and "love" instead of "dust") because "dust" and "rust" are mere byproducts, while "love" and "wisdom" are the substance of life. And so on. The conquest of questionable qualities by shading them under a "fit" of "truth" ("laughter," "music," "smiles"). The tenth line should read, "joined in one suspended" ... The "Chord" symbolizing Being, or human consciousness, or realization, memory, etc.@