PREVIOUS NEXT FIRST MIND RAIN, Not all th'firmament at Night...

da Vinci's Virgin & Child With The Infant John The Baptist (detail)
Not all th'firmament at Night
hides (massively in th'plaintive minute

eternity, th'stars' chill light,
partly swarmed by all life's
mad interminable movements

crashing warmth's decisive bodies
half-covered by th'deathless sentiments
of flittering scarlet wings
hiding th'universe behind them!

like a confused ballet of Roses
in the precipitation of conscious arms
embracing looks of confusion)

in its duality become The Human

taking th'tiniest bites (but closest
to Man) that fashion all we find,

th'Reality we put behind us
(suffering half-warmed movements
through a reality around us
looking frozen) everywhere: Paradox!
left & right, Good & Evil, on, off

Around th'corners of experience
we turn
away, away from our rhetorical destinations

fading & fading into afraid, in that Dark

trying to make sense of th'familiar
Sun's tight syntax around us:

Its burnings scorch our cool, credent lips
th'conduits of all discourse

bursting through frontiers of selfsame,
bursting through th'self-indulgent distance

not all defined (though defiled) dirges

(shutting off the importune dripping of blood
bursting from th'disguised kind & soft

arms of th'tops of th'trees of midnight)
traveling to some wrapped wrapping purpose
beasts bursting through th'bursting
Day th'original elegy

we: Mind's nomad foundations,

we: instruments of the Indefinite,

we: expression's tabby cats
stretching a careless paw towards destiny,

we: birds of Self-Recourse
flying so high, so high!

we: prefigured apes
Imagination's basic symbols
of th'Forevermore/Everafter

we: Mind, The Mortal,
have conquered Time!

& don't quite know what to do with it.