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Distraction Number...
Monet's Bathing At La Grenouillere
Is it justified to throw away
Day's ghostling light
merely to disobey

looking at th'Outside

--switch to another man-made instrument
& why--Where a magnifying glass
hangs by its teeth (invisible)

to a spot of green life? between
a spectacularly formal hanging
& too vulgar a suicide (from

what will be/was--th'sharpened (focus
of existence) brought closer

pictured in its self-treason
--the inventions of man
one on top of the other one

... we look outside & then compose a dance
to dance within (th'record-changer

plays its phony peace, "It doesn't matter,
the important thing is--" the drum
of the suspenseful minute

rolling along (the dead
side of it): Why is it dead?
(what never was alive)
--Who can say which is more alive

th'Truth we find (and against which
we guard our lives--sacked
in th'slack's silliest) or

th'Truth we make up
and guard with our lives

Say, at The Last Supper:

the bookcases protest (with
Time made a crumbling gruel

we feast on ) th'contradictions
of man--who can't quite find

happiness in happiness
but must also struggle against
things that may (or may not) threaten
happiness ( immediately or in some far-off time
"The important thing is--" perhaps

like sponges to shut down
th'sounds (of what?) safe in their
truths that shut off the outside

with walnut walls looking on
so impassively (they know they've won,
they don't have to prove anything)

The Question has been answered, "The
important thing is--" [It is a terrible Question
and a beautiful answer--or reverse it

if you like--one way or the other
all truths are valid... "O, my God

--There's no important thing--"
but th'Mind never evolved to resolve

--only :            

         to accept,


to make up his mind
one way or the other (from

within): to reach out
with precision & change th'record

on the phonograph, reflecting
a mood of formal killing
or murdering th'Universe of Life

from within: "I owe it
(to th'poor men) that I got elected

Now, let's call out the POlice
(&) Get'em all arrested!" but
no one cares to understand or listen
(it's a hindrance)...

"Liberty!" th'gleemen cried

until th'frame's bones cracked
(before: they'd only made th'scaffold tremble
with th'weight of All
Mankind jumping up & down upon th'planks

aimed at Th'Voids): "Joy!

"Liberty! or we die!" and
th'mob assembled ( for a hanging
et al )