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Everglades' Dusk
van Gogh's Pollard Willows With Setting Sun
Unsinister assassins stalk the evening
through The Woods.

Flowers & fronds trace
Night's silhouette while insects sing
choral Solemnity from every place:

Th'grey stavesacres wrinkle up all the field
with their dim waves of unemotional, quiet Dance

that won't betray the Stillness concealed
there in exquisite Radiance:

Hidden xiphoid-foils wrestle with moonlight
dots falling or darting through bowers

unmercifully stabbed or stabbing in the Night-
of-Shadows all the alwaying, alwaying hours.

Leaves wrench. And wryed ghosts spelled in Wind
taunter in dulcit jubilo the bending blades

so delicate & pleasing or undisciplined
guitars strumming the foliage's serenades

Mind! with most splendid feathers set
above Memory's treacherous Pools

ascends! to trace th'resolving sunset
of contradictions: in miracles

absolute. Clouds are last to part with Light
(always Th'World is first) and maybe it's so done
because it's easier to look out of the night
than see into the Sun