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( The Breathing Spell)
Camille Corot's Orpheus Leading Eurydice Out of Hell
If it is possible to pause
and see the reaches

of Eternal Cause
in human wishes

I'll pause, and use
the Moment there

as my particular excuse
to stare:

No one, I'm sure,
will reprimand

such a Grand
Deluded Loiterer

And it may be
by the time I

resume my journey
I will know Why  56

^{56} "Nemo ergo ex me scine quaerant quod me nescire scio nisi forte utnescire discat..." --Augustine, City of God XII.7 "Therefore, none should seek (to learn) knowledge from me, for I only know I know not ... unless, of course, it is his wish to learn he too knows nothing." --Augustine, City of God.@